DIY $16 Accent Wall!

I have been getting a huge amount of interest on this post on IG, so I decided to do a blog post to show you guys how this affordable accent wall can be created! This wall is sleek/modern, and is a really easy budget friendly DIY project you can do by yourself!


-2 foot level

-tape measure

-miter/chop saw (if you don't have saws have them cut the wood at Lowe's or Home Depot!)

-Table Saw (if you don't have saws have them cut the wood at Lowe's or Home Depot!)

- a laser level is super helpful but not required!

-finish nailer (if you do not have one just glue them to the wall with construction adhesive!)

- caulk gun with construction adhesive

-Paintable wood putty if you finish nail it

-180 gritt sand paper

- Paint color of your choice

-1/4 smooth surface plywood (easy to paint) (lowe's sells this for $13 Depot is about $24)

1/4 plywood will butt right up to your trim! I highly recommend using it!

First thing I did was paint the background color on the wall. Obviously, you can use any color, but I absolutely felt like the Navy was perfect for this house!

My next step I cut the piece of plywood (on tablesaw) down into 8' strips 3.75" wide! The one piece of plywood gave me enough to do both walls and some! You should be able to have your local Lowe's or HD precut the pieces for you!

After I cut the plywood,I measured the top and installed my top and side pieces! I nailed & glued mine, but if you don't have a nailer and you can only glue, it should be suffice!

For the next step, I marked my center point on the wall and installed the vertical piece. You need to make sure you level this piece perfect! Otherwise you will throw the whole look off!

Next, I measured from top to bottom to get my height.Measure from top of baseboard trim, to bottom of top horizontal board!! I decided to do 6 boxes per wall! This is very important you measure correctly here, because you want it to be perfectly even!

Height was approx 84"

84"- 3.75-3.75 (2 cross member boards)= 76.5/3 (3 is for the 3 boxes)= 25.5" Each box will be the same exact height!

Make sure you perfectly level each cross member board when you install!

Next fill your nail holes with putty, if you have nail holes! Sand and paint! Primer, is optional, but you will get better coverage.

Repeat steps for other side and voila