Keeping It Rustic!! With The Rustic Collection Pine Shiplap

***I am currently in a paid partnership with Lowe's. In no way does that affect my actual opinion of this product!***

Hi Everyone!

I'm so excited that my vision for this 1900's cottage is all finally coming to life. Completing one room at a time in the past has been quite difficult for me, but for this project I was motivated to get it done! The transformation in just a couple weeks time was huge! Before, stepping in the master bedroom was cold and boring. I wanted to try something different, but also wanted it to go along with the rustic cottage vibe that I've been doing throughout the house. I was honored to use this awesome "Rustic Weathered Pine Wood Shiplap," which exclusively can be found at Lowe's!

Before Pictures

Okay... as we all know it is great having options! I was so thrilled when I looked on before ordering to find that they sold this shiplap in five different colors! This is where my mind started running... The first thing that I brainstormed was, that I am definitey using two different colors in the master. Second, was that I wanted to do a different pattern on one wall to make it interesting. Finally, after a few hours of thinking about it, I made up my mind! I picked " Weathered White" for the three walls, and for the accent wall I chose the bold color option "Cottage". Now its time to start measuring the room and get ordering!

~(Below are all the color options: Woodshed, Cottage, Barnwood,Silo,Weathered White)

Delivery time is here! Time to start loading up these awesome shiplap boards into the house and get everything situated. First I want to say I love the colors I chose! Another thing I loved was the fact no board was the same! Each board had its own unique distressed look, which made it that more rustic! With the uniqueness, did come with some warped boards... I did bring them back to the store and replaced them with straighter boards to ensure easy installation. When installing shiplap boards you want the boards to be as straight as possible, otherwise when you get to the ceiling you will have an un-level line (which you don't want).

Time to get started! First, I trimmed out the windows, doors and baseboard with the square mouldings offered in each matching color. They measure approximately 3.5" x 8' per moulding. To be honest, I've always trimmed everything out with your standard white colonial mouldings, and I was excited to finally do something different! Not only was it different, it was so much easier because it was just straight cuts to trim everything out. To give the room an even more rustic look I wanted to use masonry nails to nail in each board... it didn't go so well. Just to nail the door trim around one door took me 30 minutes (it was splitting the wood) and boy was I sweating!! With the limited amount of time to complete this project, I made the decision to use my finish nailer to cut down on time. All of the mouldings were completely done within an hour and a half!

Next step, was to get my accent wall vision! I thought about doing herringbone, diagonal, Chevron etc. (I would love to have had a magic wand because I knew no matter my choice it wasn't going to be easy).

I decided to do the accent wall in the Chevron pattern with the Cottage color shiplap! The cool thing about shiplap is that it doesn't just have to be vertical or horizontal. There are a whole bunch of ways to do it, but remember the crazier the pattern the more time it is for planning and cutting. With the Chevron pattern I chose, I found myself wasting a lot more material than i planned for. If you plan on doing a pattern like this, make sure you take into account how much you will need or just buy extra (you can always return what you don't use). I personally had to run back out and buy more material!

My true Overview: Pros & Cons!


ariety of rustic colors to match any room!

~Solid Pine Boards

~Available at select Lowe's Home Improvement (styles, quantities, stock all vary by location)

~ If your Lowes doesn't sell them, you can also order them conveniently online at

~ Each board is unique with different wood grains to add to the natural rustic look.

~Great customer service (I used wood putty and was unable to find the touch up paint for it, so I called customer support and they were able to tell me what to use)

~Easy to install

~Self spacing

~ Be as creative as you want(use multiple colors and different patterns)

~Requires no sanding or staining

~ It does not have to look perfect!

~Matching mouldings available.

~Go over existing walls


~Masonry nails weren't easy to send in the wall (highly recommend a finish nailer)

~ Some boards came in warped (for me it was fine because my local Lowes has this product in stock, but not everyone will have this option order extra and return what you don't use!)

~The "Weathered White" color was hard to find the touch up paint information online, I used part water/white paint which worked really well)

~The touch up offered for the Cottage color was not a great match.

If you are looking for a great project to add some texture and character to your home, I would highly recommend using this product.

Most importantly, after you complete your rustic project, use the Instagram hashtag #GETRUSTIC and tag @irehabhomes to be featured on my page!

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