The Scott Living Wrightsville Vanity is the "Wright" Choice!

***I am currently in a paid partnership with Lowe's. In no way does that affect my actual opinion of this product!***

Hi everyone!

It’s been a crazy couple weeks of demo/reconfiguration of the cottage's bathroom! I have to tell you, the toughest battle was

searching for the perfect vanity to fit the space! Replacing your old/existing vanity, can truly make a huge difference in your bathrooms appearance! I think we can all agree that bathrooms are one of the most used spaces in your entire home.

About two years ago, I noticed that John and Drew Scott launched the Scott Living line at Lowe's and immediately I was obsessed with their vanity selection. I never saw the Wrightsville line in stores, but from the online photos the vanity looked absolutely amazing!! Partnering with Lowe's gave me the opportunity to try this out first hand, and let me tell you what this vanity is AMAZING!! As corny as this may sound, the only thing that kept me motivated to finish the bathroom project, was the vanity arrival date!

When the vanity was delivered, I couldn’t believe how it arrived. At first, I was a bit annoyed with the crazy packaging, but I swear, you could roll this packaged vanity down a hill and it would still be untouched! Over the past couple years I've bought many vanities, which almost always came in damaged. Not this time. Thank you Scott Living for having one of the best packaged vanity I've ever seen! After the vanity was completely unboxed, I really just couldn't believe how amazing it was to finally have it in front of me and ready for install. I really can't even tell you how exceptional all the features are on this vanity. The doors are all soft-close, dovetailed, and the frame is hardwood constructed. IT IS STURDY!

Before install, there were a couple small things I had to do to complete the assembly. The top and white porcelain sink both came in their own boxes inside the large vanity box. This is both a pro/con.The best part is, the vanity by itself is much lighter and easier to move, than when the top and sink is added to it. It did take about 30 minutes of time to add the top and sink onto the vanity. It was relatively easy (there are step by step instructions), but if you are not handy, you may want to hire a plumber or handy man.


This particular vanity comes in all different colors and sizes to meet your design needs! The three colors offered are: light gray,(which I particularly love) white and mahogany.

You have the luxury of choosing from Natural Carrera, Terrazzo, or White Quartz. One thing to note, if you choose the natural Carrera top (like mine), your variations may be way different from mine. Whereas the Terrazzo, and White Quartz will be almost uniform every time. I personally love the Carrera and couldn't be more happy with how it looks! Another great feature is that the top does come sealed, you do not have to apply sealer. Many vanity manufacturers, neglect to tell you that the Carrera is not sealed and you will find your beautiful stone top wrecked in under a year!

If you have a small, medium, or even large bathroom, this vanity line can fit your everyday needs!

Sizes include: 30",36",48',60"

The 60" comes with the double sinks!

Theres nothing I admire more than having options! Seriously!

***The vanity's size, color, availability, etc.. will vary by location!***

Let me touch on price for a minute. Vanities at Lowe's can range from $200-$4000+. The Scott Living Wrightsville Light Gray Single Sink Vanity with Carrara Natural Marble Top (Common: 48-in x 22-in) comes in at $899. It is a well crafted piece with the stone, and sink included! $899 is a great deal! I truly believe, the quality is right up there with some of the higher end Kohler vanities!

The vanity does come pre-drilled with 3 holes for an 8" widespread faucet. The faucet is where you can truly make your vanity stand out from all the others! I opted for the Kingston Brass Vintage Satin Nickel 2 Handle Bathroom Faucet. It is absolutely amazing! I have never used a Kingston Brass product before, but let me tell you, I now know why they are called Kingston Brass. Almost every single part of the faucet was a nice heavy brass, and it really felt like a well crafted item. Kudos to Kingston Brass for doing it right!!


I highly recommend the Vanity, and I give it an A+! Whether you are a flipper, or a homeowner looking to do some upgrading, I truly believe this vanity is for you! With its wide variety of options, and sizes, it can fit almost any application! I promise, if you buy this vanity you will LOVE it!

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