My Rustic Experience With Pergo TimberCraft Crest Ridge Hickory

***I am currently in a paid partnership with Lowe's. In no way does that affect my actual opinion of this product!***

Hi Everyone,

For those of you who don’t already follow my work/blog,

I just recently purchased a cute cottage that was built in the early 1900’s. Yes, I know it’s a pretty darn old house, but I saw so much potential in it. Installing flooring throughout the house was amongst the many projects to tackle in this one small house. Some of you might already know this (if you're anything like me) once you do one project it leads to a million more projects!

After reviewing many options for flooring (at Lowe's) I finally was able to make up my mind. My decision was...“Pergo TimberCraft” which is laminate hardwood and let me tell you it’s AMAZING! My eyes were drawn immediately to the style “Crest Ridge Hickory”. I wanted something that would make the house have a rustic farmhouse feel, without spending a ton of money.

Crest Ridge Hickory <3

Okay… so here’s the deal, for about $2.99 per sqft you are able to get authentic looking hardwood floors that have a lifetime protection against spills! This was an extremely important factor for me because the cottage will not only just be a rental property, but I will also be allowing pets. I feel more at ease knowing that if water happens to get on the floor (or the furry friend has an accident) it won't end up buckling on me like hardwood would.

My fur babies wanted to test the floors out!

Here's my experience with laminate hardwood (not Pergo brand) installation. Every installation I've done with the same exact tools, just different brand flooring. My last floor install, I barely had to beat the wood to click. Well.. you might think that's a great thing, less work right? Wrong, I learned that in this go around that the harder it is to lock in, the more seamless it is. Yes, it may take a little bit longer and require some muscles to hammer it in, but you will not regret it! Prior to laying the flooring down I used Pergo Gold 3 mil underlayment. My only complaint about this underlayment was that it already came with the tape on one end, it wasn't as easy to tape because it kept getting stuck before I could firmly press it all together. I would have liked to use a roll of the underlayment tape and do it myself so that it wouldn't crinkle and bunch up as much. Overall, using the Pergo Gold underlayment was a blessing because with the lovely thermal protection it has, my new floors are not the slightest bit cold! Before installing the underlayment/laminate my floors were cold due to only having a crawl space(not insulated very well).

Pros & Cons:

Pros (Higest to Lowest):

*Wet Protection (Lifetime Protection against spills & pet accidents)

*Seamless (harder to click, but worth it for the seamless look)

*Authentic look/sounding hardwood (doesn't have a click clack sound)

*Nice & thick (each plank has 12mm of thickness, which DEFINITELY makes it feel like real hardwood floors)

*Visually multi-width planks ( it looks like planks of all different sizes)

*Different texture in every plank(gives it a rustic/farmhouse vibe)

*Scratch resistant & durable, watch my video of the "key test" (excellent for spaces that have the most traffic like, kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms)

*Reasonable in cost (only $2.99 per sqft)

*Different styles/colors (easy to find options that will best suite your design style your looking for)

Cons (Highest to Lowest):

*Harder to lock joints together

*Being that it's thick it was harder to cut on the saw (make sure you have an extra blade for the job)

*Must make sure you follow the manufacturer's guidelines to a T so that your floors are warrantied.

*Not all flooring options are at the store, so you may have to special order them (which can be a little longer than a week)

My overall review of Pergo Timbercraft is an A+. I am so pleased and amazed on how well the floors came out and will 100 percent be using it in future projects! The "Crest Ridge Hickory" is a great option if your looking for a farmhouse/rustic and even beachy vibe. Before laying the floors down the cottage felt cold and had no contrast. Now, between the white wainscoting walls and the chalky gray cabinets the darker floors make everything POP!



Here is a list of tools required for the job:

Pergo Crest Ridge Hickory

Matching Threshold

Matching Quarter Round

Compound Miter Saw w/ 80 tooth blade to avoid chipping

Table saw w/nice blade

Pergo Flooring Install Kit (you cannot get away without using it)

Pergo Gold Underlayment


Underlayment tape (for butt joints)

Common tools- Tape Measure, Pencil, Utility Knife, Speed Square

And last but not least- Patience!