Riverside Cottage Exterior Rehab W/ Everlast By Sherwin Williams HGTV Home

***I am currently in a paid partnership with Lowe's. In no way does that affect my actual opinion of this product! ***

In the quaint historic downtown section of Milford Connecticut, I recently purchased this amazing riverside cottage and boy did I get one heck of a deal! Upon first glance, I wanted to keep the old wavy Asbestos cement siding and paint it. Not only would keeping the old Asbestos look good but it would save me some serious money! All I could think was YELLOW! I wanted this home to have a warm, bright, small town feel. With the help of Sherwin Williams and Lowe's Home Improvement, I was able to work with one of the BEST paints out there. As a house flipper, I have always been kind of person to shop for the cheapest paint. I have found that cheap paint always takes 2 to 3 coats of application, the paint always has issues down the road and it is always spotty! You always end up buying extra because it goes on so thin. This Everlast paint is worth its weight in gold!

On a crisp fall, mid October day, I went outside and set up my ladder. I loaded up my Purdy brush and starting painting all the trim in Sherwin Everlast White semi gloss. The coverage was amazing! It went on nice and thick. No drips, and no see through like most of the other brands.

After the trim and fascia boards were cut in, I moved onto cutting the yellow paint in. Again, I was pleasantly surprised and right away I knew this paint job would be a one coater! Lets face it, who wants to go back on the ladder, or scaffolding and paint a second coat. That doubles the time, and everyone knows the old adage, "Time is money". I then started rolling the yellow paint on the asbestos and it was looking amazing! The paint fell into the grains, and found its way into all the cracks and crevasses. It was just what I was hoping for!

If you are a home owner with old Asbestos, cedar shake, or clap board you definitely want to try this paint! Don't just have it sided! Preserve the integrity! Flippers, save yourself thousands and paint the house! For those of you with Asbestos siding, painting it is a great idea, not only will it save you thousands in abatement costs, but it will also transform the look of your home for years to come!

I am now a firm believer in you get what you pay for! At $220 per 5 gallons the paint is worth EVERY penny! I love to paint, it is absolutely one of my favorite things to do and let me tell you I now am in love with Sherwin. Next time you stop in at Lowe's give this paint a try! I promise you'll love it so much you'll thank me for recommending it!

Click link on the product believe to be redirected! Materials list:

Everlast Exterior Paint

Everlast Exterior Semi Gloss Trim Paint

Purdy 2" Angle Brush

Purdy 3" Flat Brush

Drop Cloth

3M Safe Release Painters Tape

Purdy 18" Roller Cover

Purdy 18" Roller