Bring back your old wrought iron exterior railings for under $5!

Today I decided to freshen up my old wrought iron railings! I have done this before with spray paint and it made a mess and did not cover as nice! I bought the Rust-Oleum Professional gloss black oil-based paint from Lowes. Click for product link!

Materials needed:

-Rustoleum Gloss Black Paint

-Paint Brush


-Painters Tape (optional)

My biggest suggestion would be to remove as much old paint as possible. If you can't get it all off that is okay! I only scraped off all the loose pieces with a piece of sand paper! This only took about ten minutes! I grabbed a paint brush I had laying around and started painting!

Immediately I was impressed with the results! The coverage was amazing! I couldn't believe I was able to brighten up these railings in under a couple hours and with only spending FIVE DOLLARS!

Here is a side by side of before and after!

As you can see from the pictures, the results are amazing! Happy painting and I hope you enjoyed my $5 railing hack!