How I Brought This Old Work Bench Back to Life!

I was down in the basement of a property I bought, doing some plumbing. Above this old "garbage" bench was a shut off valve that was leaking onto this table. The leak was really a blessing in disguise. It showed the beautiful old grains; It was that point I realized I would be refinishing this table!

I started off with this Black & Decker sander with 120 grit sandpaper. I went through a couple sheets, and made quite the mess, but eventually I got most of the stains out of the table. 120 grit is a bit abrasive so I worked my way up to 200 grit and then to 400 grit. This removed all the scratches from the table.

Prior to applying the stain, I dampened the table with water. This really engages the grains, and makes them pop. (I learned this trick from my flooring guy). With some of the left over floor stain, Jacobean to be exact, I gave the table the first coat of stain. After drying 24hours, I applied a Satin Poly. When this dried, I lightly sanded the table smooth with 400 grit, and recoated the table with poly again. I repeated this same process one more time. Then one final time without sanding. I painted the legs with Flat Sweet Mint by Valspar. After the paint cured, I took 220 grit sand paper,scuffed up the legs, to give it the awesome shabby chic look.

The desk was used in real estate staging for the same house it was found in. This desk was specifically one of the items the new buyers requested in the sale so i say, job well done!