How to Make a Plain Kitchen Stand Out With an Incredible Arabesque Backsplash!

Choosing the right backsplash should be a well thought out process. I sat down and stared at my kitchen and asked myself "what is this kitchen missing?" I wanted this kitchen to stand out and not look boring in the slightest way. I decided to be bold and risky with my selection and I'm so happy I did. The kitchen needed something that gives the WOW factor and I really think this backsplash did the trick!

I chose this lovely gray/charcoal glass arabesque lantern tile. It's sold in 9"x12" sheets and is basically assembled like a large jigsaw puzzle.

In order to start this project here's a handy list of tools you will need:

- Wet tile saw (wear eye protection)

- Level

-Tape mesure

-notched trowel

-Grout float

-Bucket or two!


-Sandless grout (which ever color you choose)

-Grout saw (sounds more intimidating than it actually is)



-Optional (a schluter strip if your tile doesn't meet a wall)

For this project I recommend starting at a corner and work your way out, doing this will create nice symmetry in the corner. In an ideal world your countertops would all be perfectly level, but there is always a good chance they are not, and this is where your level comes in handy. Now is where you measure about an inch above the countertops and draw a nice level line, and that line is where puzzle will begin!

Now you can spread some mortar. I like to spread mortar over a small area so it doesn't start to dry up. You can now take a full piece and place it on the wall, with the tips of the lanterns on your level line. If you do this all the way down the wall, you spacing will end up being nicer and it won't end up looking cockeyed. Now you either start cutting as you go, or start laying the big sheets down. I chose to lay the big sheets and do the majority of my cuts later.

Make sure you do all your corner cuts prior to starting your next wall! If you do not do your corner cuts you will not be able to fit your small cuts in! Another reason I like doing all my cuts later is simply because it eliminates tile waste. When you work big to small, a lot of times you will have already cut pieces that will fit perfectly in other spots.

Keep measuring and cutting your pieces and before you know it you will be done and ready to grout! If it is too dark you can lighten it up with a nice white grout! I used a smaller, corner grout float for this project. It is much easier to work with in these tight areas! Another thing I do is sponge off the grout as I am working. This is not the "by the book way" but it really will clean up your grout lines nice and make the dry grout haze removal much easier

Wait until the grout is cured, then remove your grout haze with a clean sponge! Now, you can enjoy your bold, and beautiful new backsplash!